Coffee has become a culture all of its own, and the Cupped Coffee concept caters for the diversity that has emerged through a proliferation of café chains all over the world.

Except now, it comes to you…

Freshly ground, coffees, toe-curling espressos, creamy cappuccinos, frothy lattes and tantalising teas…all have a place in our convenient, hitch-and-go café. We even offer a selection of refreshing fruit smoothies and iced coffees – ideal for keeping the summer heat at bay.

Ideal for events and gaining popularity at corporate and scholastic sites, Cupped Coffee mobile cafés will have your resident aficionados all a froth.

Cupped Coffee is a local outfit and fully owner-managed by a hands-on and passionate, full-of-beans team. As a business, we are dedicated to delivering top class service, quality product and an experience that is downright delicious.

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